After serving seven years in the Missouri House of Representatives, Senator Mike Cierpiot was elected to serve the 8th Senatorial District during the November 2017 Special Election. This legislative session, economic development continues to be one of the Senate’s top priorities.

Mike Cierpiot

“It is an honor to serve my constituents in the 8th Senatorial District. During the first half of the 2018 legislative session, the Missouri Senate has been working diligently to pass meaningful legislation that improves the lives of all Missourians,” said Sen. Cierpiot.

So far, the Missouri Senate has approved several bills addressing issues such as workforce readiness, tort reform, education, economic development, tax reform, energy and agriculture. The General Assembly’s overarching goal is to make Missouri a more attractive place to live, work, conduct business and raise a family. Below is a recap of several important bills the Senate has passed and sent over to the Missouri House of Representatives for further consideration:

• Senate Bill 547 – Modifies provisions relating to industrial hemp. This measure creates an industrial hemp pilot program that would allow for the growth, cultivation and study of hemp.

• Senate Bill 549 – Reauthorizes the Missouri Works Training Program and the Missouri Works Program. This bill extends the programs until 2030. Senate Bill 564 – Modifies provisions relating to public utilities. This measure changes the way utilities are regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission and provides incentives to investor-owned utility companies looking to modernize its electrical infrastructure.

• Senate Bill 625 – Modifies certain sales and use tax exemptions. This bill restores tax policy that a court decision recently changed.

• Senate Bill 629 – Modifies provisions relating to tax-increment financing. This measure reforms the State Supplemental Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program and allows more developers to use this economic tool while capping the program at $10 million annually.

• Senate Bill 882 – Modifies provisions of the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program. This measure allows MO ABLE accounts to qualify for transfers without threat of a tax penalty and provides families of individuals with disabilities greater financial flexibility.

• Senate Bill 826 – Limits the initial prescription length of opioids to no more than a 7-day supply. Studies show the long-term use of a prescription sharply increases after the third and fifth days of taking the medicine. In addition, the bill allows pharmacies to house kiosks for the collection of unused drugs. The legislation also expands the list of drugs pharmacies are legally allowed to take back, and it creates a statewide education campaign encouraging all Missourians to safely dispose of their prescription drugs.

• Senate Bills 894 & 921 – Establishes a statewide STEM career awareness program and enacts new provisions of law related to computer science. These bills will incentivize more Missouri high school students to take computer science courses by allowing the courses to count toward graduation. The legislation creates a dedicated fund for the purpose of funding professional development programs relating to computer science.

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