The first Tuesday of each April, we hold municipal elections. For the last three years I have been blessed to have a stable Board of Aldermen. In government, there is something to be said for stability.

Mayor Scott Miles

A stable Board doesn’t always agree, but they are respectful, courteous, listen, and always looking out for the best interest of the City. At the City level, we do not have to deal with party partisanship. A stable Board works together to solve problems.

Four years ago, David “Doc” Tillema stepped forward, volunteered his time, and ran for Alderman. I knew of David before he stepped forward, but over the last four year I have gotten to know him extremely well and I have the utmost respect and admiration for him as a man, and a as a neighbor.

David brought an entirely new level of professionalism to the Board. He brought a politeness, and level of respect for the process that I had not experienced in my years as an Aldermen. He was thorough, researched topics, established a strong option, but was always open to other’s point of view. When David spoke, you knew he had done his homework, spoken with other Board members, and his neighbors, before taking a stance.

During his first few years on the Board, David’s support in migrating to a City Administration form of government was critical. Moving to a model of professional management was a massive cultural change, and David’s leadership was paramount in that process.

Most recently, David brought forth the proposal from the Lacy Family for the recent land donation to the City. For the last two years, David has been the Mayor Pro-tem where he lead City Meetings when I was out of town or unavailable. But most importantly, and in my opinion, where his City involvement legacy will be cemented, is the recently completed Comprehensive Plan. This plan will help define our community for the next 20 years!!

David has decided to “retire” from City government. I hope we can continue to call on him to help, provide honest feedback, and be a trusted advisor as we continue maturing all aspects of the City. The love David holds for this community is evident in everything he does. And that passion has proven out every day for the last four years!!

Doc, thank you for your leadership, thoughtfulness, opinions, and commitment to our special community!

If you have a topic you would like me to cover in a future article, please drop me a note!

Scott Miles, Mayor
City of Lake Lotawana