Students from Bernard Campbell and Pleasant Lea Middle Schools recently participated in a field trip focusing on the technical side of theatre. The students had the opportunity to see how the highly marketable technical skills they are learning by serving on the crew for school productions can be applied to the workforce.

Each stop of the tour provided students with a first-hand look behind the scenes of professional theaters around the metropolitan area as well as an opportunity to hear from technical professionals about the work that goes into putting on a top-notch show. Students toured the Music Hall, Midland, Kauffman Center and Folly Theatre.

Teachers participating in the trip included Kenny Taylor of BCMS and Kent Tipton, Travis Payne and Courtney Williams of PLMS.

“In this trip we got to see how theater stages and backstage areas have changed over time by going to different theaters made in different time periods,” said Zoey Hurst, a student at BCMS. “It also showed us how much work goes into putting on productions.”

“The benefit of this trip was learning more about the stage crew and how I can use it in my future,” said Regan Martinez, a student at BCMS. “They told us job opportunities as well as how they work. The tour guides gave us personal and professional experiences everyone enjoyed. It got me more intrigued into possibly going into this career field. I had a lot of fun with my friends and teachers and I think this is a field trip every crew member should take once in their school career.”