Reviews will examine policies, procedures and financial activity to assist in transition

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today announced that due to the resignation of Eric Greitens, her office will conduct audits of the governor and lieutenant governor. The State Auditor’s Office performs closeout audits of statewide offices to assist in transitions and ensure that incoming officials are aware of areas for improvement.

The State Auditor’s Office recently sent correspondence to the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor notifying them of the audits and requiring preservation of documents. Auditors will review office operations and financial activity through the last day of the statewide elected officials’ service.

Individuals with information for consideration during the course of any of these audits may contact the State Auditor’s confidential hotline at 1-800-347-8597 or email

Closeout audits were last conducted in 2017 when the current officials took office. The governor’s office under the previous administration received a rating of “fair” in the audit released in August 2017. The previous administration of the lieutenant governor’s office received an overall performance rating of “good” in the audit released April 2017.