2018 Primary Election Sees Healthy Voter Turnout
Missouri voters went to the polls in larger-than-usual numbers on Tuesday, August 7. Unofficial numbers released by the Missouri Secretary of State indicate that approximately 33.5 percent of the state’s 4.1 million registered voters made their voices heard on Election Day. That number is up significantly from both the August 2014 and August 2016 primaries, which saw voter turnout at roughly 25 percent.

Representative Gary L. Cross

Despite the higher turnout, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft issued a statement urging more registered voters to participate in the process going forward. “While more voters went to the polls yesterday, there are still many who did not. I urge all eligible Missourians to participate in our democratic process and vote. If you’re not registered, there’s time to do so before the November general election — the deadline to register is Oct. 10, 2018. Contact your local election authority or visit www.sos.mo.gov to register, and most importantly, make your voice heard on Election Day,” said Ashcroft.

State Treasurer Looks for Purple Heart Owners
Election Day was also Purple Heart Day and State Treasurer Eric Schmitt used the occasion to ask the people of Missouri to help identify the owners of four Purple Heart medals currently in the possession of the Unclaimed Property Division.

Schmitt said, “There is a good chance that someone in Missouri has information about these medals that could help us identify and find their rightful owners, which is why we’re asking everyone to take a look.”

The following information is available on the four Purple Heart medals currently being held by the State Treasurer’s Office:
• Deposit Box Owner: Charles W. Armstrong, Location: St. Joseph, Buchanan County
• Deposit Box Owner: Margaret E. Varney, Location: Riverside, Platte County
• Medal Inscription: Lawrence Shelter
• Deposit Box Owner: Helen Reabold, Location: Unknown

Military medals and insignia held by the State Treasurer’s Office come from safe deposit boxes that have been turned over after five years of inactivity or no contact from the owner. The state currently holds approximately 200 military medals and insignia. The Purple Heart medals, as well as all medals held by the Treasurer’s Office, can be searched and viewed online at treasurer.mo.gov/military.

Individuals who have information about these medals and their owners can contact the Unclaimed Property Division of the State Treasurer’s Office at 573-751-0123.

Medicaid Recipients to Have Access to Chiropractic Care (HB 1516)
One of the legislature’s proposals that has been signed into law will see Medicaid pay for a patient to visit a licensed chiropractor up to 20 times in a year. Backers say by giving Medicaid recipients more options for treating pain, fewer patients will risk becoming addicted to opioids, and the state will save money by getting away from other, more costly treatments.
House Bill 1516 allows licensed chiropractors to be reimbursed for treatment of conditions currently covered under the MO HealthNet program. The bill’s sponsor said such services are currently covered by most private insurance carriers and Medicaid parts B and C on a limited basis. He said more than half of the states in the nation allow Medicaid recipients to receive chiropractic services.

The bill’s sponsor said, “Ultimately the goal of this legislation is to allow Medicaid recipients access to chiropractic health care providers at a lower cost and, in many cases, with better outcomes, and overall reduction in opioid abuse.”

He added that Missouri will save money as MO Healthnet patients would turn less often to opioid prescriptions and services from emergency rooms, hospitals, and physicians. He said the bill is part of a shift happening across healthcare to offer patients more options for treating pain or other chronic conditions.

Governor Mike Parson signed the bill into law July 5. It will take effect as law on August 28.

I do appreciate your input on matters of importance to you, your family, and community. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns or ideas to improve our state government and the quality of life for Missouri citizens, please feel free to contact me at 573-751-1459 or e-mail me at gary.cross@house.mo.gov. Thank you for taking an active role by voicing your opinions on our state and national government issues.