Congratulations to Angela Hays, Lee’s Summit High School art teacher, for the October Learning for Life Award.

The Learning for Life award is presented to one employee each month and rotates between elementary certified, secondary certified and support staff. Winners are nominated by co-workers and selected by a team of employees.
In nomination forms, employees had this to say about Ms. Hays:

“From the first day of her arrival in the art department, Angela has been the most helpful, caring and supportive person.”

“Angela has a great attitude and her passion for working with young adults is exceptional!”

“She is very open-minded and optimistic. Because of her positive outlook, she does not see failure but instead preserves it as personal growth.”

“Angela is a problem solver and possesses a skill of resolving difficult situations with finding resolutions that can make everyone feel heard.”

“She takes time to recognize students and is attentive to their needs above and beyond the classroom curriculum. Students know they can rely on her to be a mentor and advocate throughout high school.”

“Angela has co-sponsored the National Art Honor Society for 10 years and the students love the spirit and energy she brings to the club. She has always been a team player, someone you can always rely on for help.”

The award was presented to Ms. Hays during the October staff meeting at Lee’s Summit High School.