The following is the list of Class 1 nursing home violations in the state of Missouri for September 2018.

Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Ava, MO: The facility staff failed to ensure two cognitively impaired residents were free from resident to resident sexual abuse when staff did not address sexually inappropriate behaviors, did not separate the residents into different rooms per physician’s recommendation, and failed to plan interventions to ensure the safety of both residents.

Life Care of Bridgeton, Bridgeton, MO: Facility staff failed to assess, monitor, and develop interventions to prevent one resident with a history of falls and positioning his/her legs off the bed from falling. Staff failed to ensure the resident’s low air loss mattress was set at the appropriate setting and the mattress fit the bed according to manufacturer guidelines.

Ozark Mountain Regional Healthcare Center, Crane, MO: The facility failed to ensure all residents were free from abuse when a facility staff member sexually abused three residents. The facility failed to protect residents from that staff member, when he/she physically abused and restrained three residents, physically and verbally abused them, and threatened the residents that they would not be able to progress in the Life Skills Academy Program if they reported the abuse.

St. John’s Place, St. Louis, MO: The facility staff failed to initiate CPR for a resident with a full code order. The resident was found unresponsive by a Certified Nurse Aide who reported it to the only nurse in the building. The nurse failed to check the medical record for the resident’s code status, initiate CPR or call 911, and waited 20 to 30 minutes for the Director of Nurses to arrive for instruction. No directives were given to staff to call 911 or to call a code for the other staff to respond to the resident, who expired. In addition, the facility failed to ensure at least one staff member was CPR certified on the night shift and failed to ensure they had an appropriate emergency policy/procedure to direct staff on what to do in the event a resident was found without signs of life, and ensure staff were trained on and were aware of emergency procedures.

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