Governor Parson Announces December 3-9 As Computer Science Education Week

Governor Parson signed a proclamation declaring December 3-9 as Computer Science Education Week. Next week throughout the nation, events will be centered on the importance of computer science education and giving students the skills to meet growing workforce demands.

In Missouri, Computer Science Education events will continue the following week. Governor Parson will stop at various schools to tour their STEM programs, and he will attend the announcement of Department of Defense Education Activity Grants totaling $2.25 million to Knob Noster Public Schools.

Since the Governor took office, he has placed a focus on expanding computer science and STEM education. The General Assembly joined the Governor in crafting legislation that will further promote computer science education throughout K-12 schools as well as broadening the availability for students throughout Missouri.

“Missouri legislators recently took a bold step to support K-12 computer science education by becoming the first state to pass legislation during a special session expanding course opportunities,” said Governor Parson. “As we continue to focus our efforts on increasing awareness in computer science education, our students will be better prepared and equipped with the skills to succeed and meet tomorrow’s workforce demands.”

As technology continues to evolve, the need for computer science jobs becomes more prevalent in our workforce. Having a basic understanding of coding is becoming a requirement for many positions as many professions rely on computer programming. Organizations, such as, understand the importance of programming and are creating tools and promoting an “Hour of Code” for students at an early age to begin learning this skill.

“In 2017, Missouri had approximately 10,000 computer science jobs left unfilled. Recognizing Computer Science Education Week is a further step Missouri is taking to encourage and promote these fields and secure more of these jobs as we continue to improve our economy and provide Missouri students with the skills needed to secure high-paying jobs,” said Governor Parson.

The Governor will continue to build on the foundation passed during special session, laying the groundwork for providing students with access to qualified teachers, updated technology, and age-appropriate curriculum for every student to have the ability to succeed in the workforce demands of tomorrow.

In addition, Governor Parson joined The Governors’ Partnership for K-12 Computer Science. This group, comprised of bi-partisan governors, is committed to increasing policies and funding so that students of all ages and backgrounds can receive the same educational training.

To review the proclamation, click the following link: