Thank you for your continued commitment to being engaged in our Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) process. We’re also extremely grateful for the work of our CFMP team, which has worked over the last five months to listen and form recommendations in our process.

The CFMP team has been analyzing all of the feedback we’ve gathered through our third engagement series. We’ve evaluated our Thoughtexchange community forum, our in-person engagement series notes, and our online feedback forms from each of the recommendations. We also received updated enrollment projections in October. The final recommendations utilize this new data, informing how our informal solutions will evolve into what will be presented to the Board of Education.
The CFMP team will present recommendations at the December 10 Board of Education work session. From there, the final recommendation will be included for the December 13 Board of Education meeting.

Recommendations will be posted as part of our normal route of business through the Board of Education materials after the work session. We will also link the Board of Education materials on our CFMP website after the work session.

It has been important to us to release recommendations around facilities and learning as well as potential boundary options to our staff, families and community so that you can review them and engage with us throughout this semester. These recommendations have been refined based on our engagement efforts, staff and community input, data analysis, and CFMP team discussions. We will continue to engage with our entire community as recommendations move forward and we embark on Phase 2 of the CFMP process during Spring 2019.

Thank you for staying connected to this process!