To the Editor:

Now is the time to make your vote count for significant changes in service accountability and transparency in Raytown.

My name is Leonard Biggs and have lived in Raytown 5 yrs. I served as Mayor of Park City, Kansas (sedgewick county) near the city of Wichita Ks. My experience includes leadership and hands on experience in fire, law enforcement, Parks & Recreation, water and waste water.

In my opinion, Raytown needs to implement sound planning and improved practices in budgeting and the other essential services.

Tony Jacob is the man who can lead us to make necessary changes. I have talked to him and I am sincerely convinced.

He has the desire, experience and is very well qualified.

By putting a reasonable budget it will in my opinion prevent future layoffs and bring sold city services back again.

Do yourself and our community of Raytown a favor on Election Day. Elect Tony.

Leonard Biggs, resident of Raytown with experience as 2-term Mayor 1995-1999 and Masters Degree in Public Administration, WSU.