I am Bobbie Saulsberry, a woman of integrity and trustworthy character. Married and a mother of 3 and a proud grandmother and great grandmother of 18. I have lived in the Raytown School District area for over 40 years. My children are all Raytown graduates.

I am an active leader in my church and I work with High School graduates in an energy organization scholarship program. I work as a SC/I Business Development Rep for Spire

My passion is education. I believe in and work towards educational equity and creating inclusive and diverse opportunities for all students.

In 2017, I was awarded the “Hidden Figures” from the Missouri House of Representatives for my dedication and commitment to Education in the city of Raytown.

I have had the distinct pleasure to serve on the School Board since April 2007; I served as Vice President in 2008 and as President in 2009. My role as a board member has been multi-faceted, support of the teachers and administrations and being a passionate advocate for the students of the district.

I work with Administration to look for alternatives to out of school suspensions, the data show that children out of school cannot learn. Through advocacy and strategic social emotional intervention, the District have reduced the number of students disciplined using out of school suspension. We continue to explore alternative solutions for students that need social emotional supports while not compromising academic rigor and acumen. All students can be successful even the ones that have suffered trauma.

I care about the future of young people, I want them to succeed; I want them to rise above every wind that would try to blow them away, everything or everyone that tells them they can’t learn. They are the flowers in the blooming stage of life and I want to have a hand in watering them.