May 18, 2019

A Jackson County sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty Thursday to the misdemeanor of Careless and Imprudent Driving in connection with a vehicular accident on May 9, 2018, after the deputy’s patrol vehicle ran a red light and hit a vehicle, causing injuries to that driver, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today.

Sean R. Stoff, dob: 7/13/1984, of Blue Springs, MO, pleaded guilty to the Class A misdemeanor of Operated a Motor Vehicle in a Careless and Imprudent Manner — Involving an Accident.*

Stoff was sentenced to 1-year SES probation, supervised by the court. It will include 40 hours of community service and completing a Missouri Highway Patrol course for safe operation of emergency vehicles.

“The investigation was conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol with cooperation of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department,” Baker said. “Ultimately, this a just outcome for the deputy’s carelessness, running a red light, that resulted in serious injuries and financial hardship for the victim. He continues to recover.

“This officer accepted responsibility by pleading guilty.” Baker added. “Officers of the law must obey the law, just like anyone else in our community.”

The victim issued a written statement to the court on Thursday. “I hope that reckless drivers are held accountable no matter their job title, or who they are so no one else has to suffer like my family and I have suffered…I hope someday we can move on and move past this.”