June 4, 2019

On June 4, 2019, at approximately 1432 hours, an Independence Police Officer was transporting several inmates from Independence, MO to the Jackson County Detention Center. While in the sally port at the Detention Center, one of the inmates being transported started assaulting the Police Officer.  During the assault, the inmate gained the Officers’ keys and attempted to take the transport vehicle. As the Police Officer and inmate were fighting, a Corrections Officer witnessed the assault and immediately called for officers to assist in the sally port. Corrections Officers arrived in the sally port a short time later and assisted the Police Officer in handcuffing the inmate.

The Independence Police Officer and inmate were transported to a local hospital. The Officer sustained minor injuries. The injuries of the suspect are unknown.

“This incident is an example of how dangerous individuals who are in custody can be. It is clearly evident that the inmate had intentions to escape custody if he fought a Police Officer, who was in full police uniform and was attempting to take the Officers’ vehicle. This is why safety and security measures at the Jackson County Detention Center must be implemented. We must consider the safety of everyone, internally and externally. I’m thankful the Independence Police Officer was determined to engage the suspect until help arrived. In addition, I commend the Corrections Officers who witnessed this incident, immediately made notification to get help to the sally port, and those who responded to assist the Officer.”- Sheriff Darryl Forté…