In an effort to reduce violent crime in and around Raytown, Raytown Mayor Mike McDonough has formed an ad hoc committee for the purpose of exploring avenues to reduce violent crime throughout the City of Raytown.

This initiative will be a collaborative effort between the Police Department, community leaders, members of Jackson County C.O.M.B.A.T., and Raytown citizens to identify strategies to communicate with, and assist, the Police to reduce violent crime in our community.

The committee will consist of:
Mayor Mike McDonough
Alderman Jason Greene
Alderman Frank Hunt
Two members of the Park Board
One Police Officer
One Raytown School Board Member
2 Raytown Citizens
2 Members of C.O.M.B.A.T. (Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax)

The Community Inspired Violence Reduction Ad Hoc Committee will work to identify ways to help reduce violent crime throughout our city and employing other resources to educate citizens on detecting and reporting suspicious behavior to the Police. The committee will also examine other methods which may be employed to help our police combat crime, in general, throughout our city.

“Raytown is not immune to violent crime that has been seen throughout the metro area. It will take a strong effort by our citizens and elected officials to make this work,” stated Mayor McDonough. “A stronger community makes for a safer community.”

Residents are reminded that if they see something that seems out of place, even if it seems minor, to call the police so that they may investigate. The non-emergency phone number for the Raytown Police Department is 816-737-6020. Emergencies may be reported by calling 9-1-1. Tips may also be anonymously reported to TIPS Hotline, 816-474-TIPS (8477).