June 22, 2019

To friends and supporters of the Annual Judd Flanders Memorial Eight-ball Pool Tournament:

Judd Flanders was born June 27, 1975, with Cystic Fibrosis. While enduring the terribly debilitating and painful effects of this disease, he persevered as a determined student at Crest Ridge High School then went on to pursue a graduate program in broadcast journalism at KU.

Unfortunately, after four years he was forced to leave school to undergo a double lung transplant. He fought back courageously to recover so he could return to college, graduating in 2001. Despite his lifelong struggle to overcome the suffering and limitations of Cystic Fibrosis, then undergoing radical transplant surgery which required a daily course of drug treatment, Judd was able to work for a local sports radio station where he was admired for his in-depth sports trivia knowledge. He also somehow found the strength to become a successful employee in the Quik-Trip management program.

Over the years, Judd honed his skills with a pool cue, his favorite past-time, becoming a regular at Racks Billiards and Side Pockets in Lee’s Summit. His positive attitude and superior game became an inspiration to many players and friends throughout the area.

Sadly, on December 14th, 2004, Judd lost his battle with the disease and succumbed to organ rejection. So many in the community who knew and admired him, both as a person as well as an accomplished pool player, were stunned and grief stricken at Judd’s passing.

As a way to honor the memory of Judd, a memorial eight-ball pool tournament was started in 2004 to help support important cutting edge research and medical care through Children’s Mercy Hospital, Barnes Jewish Hospital of St. Louis, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the National Transplant Assistance Fund. Again this year, the Judd Flanders Memorial Pool Tournament continues to be an exciting fund raising activity in the community – one that we know would make Judd proud.

With loving memories of my son, Judd, we encourage your continued participation in this event, however you are able. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, from the bottom of our hearts, for your contributions and support.

With sincere appreciation,
Dan Flanders