July 17, 2019

Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. and his administration staunchly oppose a proposal to be considered tomorrow by the Board of Equalization (BOE) that would set arbitrary caps on valuation increases, regardless of the property’s true value.

Jackson Count Executive Frank White, Jr

“The proposal before the BOE is full of legal issues and undermines the Board’s state-mandated duty to ensure properties are assessed at their true market value,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “The proposal would only create greater unfairness and inequity and property owners need to know that.”

If this proposal passes:
• It will unfairly increase some people’s taxes;
• It will undo significant improvements to establish equity in sales ratios within the County from 2018 to 2019;
• It will limit appropriate valuation increases for all previously undervalued parcels;
• It will place an unfair burden on property owners whose parcels were not previously undervalued.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Erica Eimer

    July 17, 2019 - 7:52 pm

    So maybe instead of bringing the valuations to a current and updated level, do it gradually over a couple of cycles instead of all at once when it can cause people to lose their homes because the tax goes up way too high way too quickly!

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