Aug. 14, 2019

Rick Roeber, husband of late Representative Rebecca Roeber, is officially announcing his candidacy for her open seat in the 34th District of the Missouri Legislature. Representative Roeber passed away on July 30 while vacationing with her family in Colorado. She had just finished rehab after a four-month recovery from a serious automobile accident on the way to the capitol.

Roeber states his intention is to see his wife’s legacy continue in Jefferson City. “She represented her constituents so well and with such passion and concern. My wife and I were both passionate about many if not most of the same things. I can only hope to carry on her work with as much dedication.”

Roeber feels that now is the perfect time to make this announcement. He states that Rebecca always knew him to be a man of action. “I don’t like putting off until tomorrow what can be done today. She would understand that in the midst of my grief it is important to me keeping her memory and legacy intact. That is why I will be walking our district in the coming weeks and months assuring our constituents that I will continue to serve them with the same passion as my late wife.

Mr. Roeber recently retired from a 20-year career at Sprint Corporation in order to care for his recovering wife. He is currently an ordained pastor and serves part time as a chaplain at the Kansas City Rescue Mission.