Aug. 10, 2019

As your funeral moves from the site of the service to the place of the burial, it may be necessary for family members and friends in attendance to gather into their vehicles and do some traveling.

Melissa Ruth Licensed Funeral Director, Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery

What many may not know about this is that there is actually a correct order in which the cars in the procession are supposed to go. This may not make a difference in practical terms, but it is an important part of funeral etiquette.

The funeral procession will typically be led by a black car with white flags affixed to it; this lets surrounding traffic know what the purpose of this caravan is, and reminds other motorists of the need to pull over or slow down, in respect.

Following this car comes the hearse itself. Immediately following the hearse are the cars holding the members of the immediate family, followed then by a flower car. After the immediate family and the flower car come all other funeral attendees. There is typically no rhyme or reason to the order of these cars, though some funeral directors may allow newer and cleaner cars to go ahead of older ones, simply for the sake of appearances.

An added necessity, funeral homes can ensure a motorcycle escort is on hand for your procession, something that is not required by local law, but does make the procession go more smoothly. Your funeral director can help to arrange this.

In many cases, the specific order of cars is chosen before the service even begins. Upon your arrival to the funeral home, you may be instructed by attendants on where to park; typically, cars are parked in rows, bumper-to-bumper. Those who will not be driving in the processional may be directed to park elsewhere. Once the funeral service concludes, ushers will instruct all who are gathered to get into their vehicles, at which point driving in the procession is as simple as following the car in front of you.

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