Over the past few weeks, the Jackson County Assessment Department has been asked for the status of appeals to the Board of Equalization (BOE). Since appeals are filed and processed by BOE staff, the Assessment Department was unable to provide accurate and current status reports on the process. The Assessment Department offered to assign staff to assist the BOE in entering any unprocessed appeal applications.

After reviewing the unprocessed appeal applications that were submitted either by mail or in-person, Assessment staff requested access to an email account managed by BOE staff to determine if there were any further unprocessed appeal applications. Last week, the Assessment Department gained access to the email account and found that there were approximately 8,600 “unread” emails at that time. The Assessment Department has assigned staff members who are currently reviewing and processing these emails. Any properly filed appeals that are discovered will be accepted and processed accordingly.

The Assessment Department will provide an update to the BOE on the status of all appeals as soon as possible.