June 6, 2020

In the wake of a public health crisis that has left much of the state’s workforce unemployed or underemployed, the Missouri Department of Corrections continues to hire new staff. A recruitment campaign launched this month emphasizes key advantages of a corrections career: good benefits, job security, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This spring, Missouri’s unemployment rate has more than doubled, from 3.9% in March to 9.9% in April, as businesses have reduced or ceased operations in the face of COVID-19. Corrections staff never stopped working. In state prisons, in probation and parole districts, in offices throughout the state, and from remote locations, corrections staff have continued to show up every day, doing the heroic work of improving lives and making our communities safer.

Benefits such as medical insurance and paid leave give staff and their families security and flexibility while juggling challenges such as health issues and child care gaps. The department’s commitment to public safety and offender programming ensures an ongoing need to fill open positions and stay fully staffed, generating steady work for great workers. Corrections fosters unmatched camaraderie and team work, helping staff evolve together, and the department provides free training and professional development, helping staff grow individually.

For years, departments of corrections in Missouri and throughout the United States have grappled with staffing shortages. In Missouri, the public health crisis has not affected staffing levels; vacancies remain relatively unchanged. However, the situation has shined a light on the dedication and fortitude corrections teams demonstrate on a regular basis.

“When a crisis hits, Department of Corrections staff rise to the challenge, and that speaks volumes to the type of department we are,” said Missouri Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe. “I could not be more proud of our team.”

Jobs are available in all categories. The department has a particular need to fill positions for corrections officers, cooks and probation and parole assistants.

Visit doc.mo.gov/jobs to apply.