June 6, 2020

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office has launched a new web page to accept submissions from the public of police misconduct or excessive use of force, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced Thursday.

Jean Peters Baker

Citizens are encouraged to submit videos and other evidence to this web page:

You can also put this link into a browser: https://www.jacksoncountyprosecutor.com/FormCenter/Citizen-Complaints-about-Police-Miscondu-8/Citizen-Complaints-about-Police-Miscondu-51

“We have heard an outpouring of concern about police conduct related to the recent protests in Kansas City,” Prosecutor Baker said. “We needed to give citizens easy access to the system to report those concerns.”

Baker noted that the prosecutor’s office has long responded to such allegations. But with so many reports in social media and elsewhere from the public, it was necessary to offer this new outlet for their concern.

The prosecutor’s office has also notified the Kansas City Police Department that is ready to review any evidence of protesters throwing bricks or other objects and injuring officers.