July 23, 2020

Dear Friends,

We should all feel safe in our own homes. It shouldn’t matter what neighborhood, city, or state we live in. We have the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves, our family, and our property against intruders. We shouldn’t fear prosecution if we have to use that right.

In Missouri, that’s the law of the land. You cannot be prosecuted for rightfully defending your home, but elsewhere that isn’t the case and, astonishingly, federal law still doesn’t recognize that right. That’s why I joined my fellow Missouri congressmen Jason Smith, Blaine Luetkemeyer, and Billy Long in introducing the American Family and Private Property Defense Act. It would guarantee that every American is protected under federal law and send a message to rogue prosecutors everywhere that we will not stand idly by while they abuse their power to go after law-abiding homeowners trying to defend themselves and their families.

With violent crime on the rise in recent months and extremists calling to defund the police, it is more important than ever that we guarantee every American’s right to protect themselves. We shouldn’t leave the decision up to politically-motivated prosecutors to Monday morning quarterback the decisions people make to defend their family and their home.

Even with this right guaranteed under Missouri law, we saw this happen earlier this week in St. Louis where City Prosecuting Attorney Kimberly Gardner went after Mike and Patricia McCloskey because of a viral video of them defending their home from intruders who broke into their private neighborhood, allegedly threatening their lives and property.

This shouldn’t be difficult, and it shouldn’t be a political fight to secure this right for all Americans. We expect our homes to be a sanctuary, and for our families to be safe at home. We shouldn’t have to run through a checklist dreamed up by left-wing politicians before we take forceful action to defend it from unwelcome robbers, murderers, and mobs.

Sam Graves