After the editorial printed in the Kansas City Star detailing claims of alleged abuses made by children and the former spouse of candidate Rick Roeber, Missouri Democratic Party Acting Chair Clem Smith released the following statement:

“The alleged acts of abuse are truly horrific. Our thoughts are with the survivors, we hope they have been able to get the help needed to heal from these traumas.”

“An elected official is supposed to take responsibility for their actions. The stories of Rick Roeber’s family detailed by the Star tell a consistent pattern of behavior. Behavior unfit for office. The alleged acts of abuse cannot be taken lightly or cast aside. Rick Roeber owes his family, the survivors, and his potential constituents a full explanation, not sidestepping these serious matters. The House Republican Caucus and Missouri Republican Party must do what is right, to denounce Rick Roeber and refuse to seat him if he is elected in November.”