October 3, 2020

On September 30, 2020, Omaha Gun Club and Frontier Justice entered into a partnership, merging the two retailers, and expanding the Frontier Justice footprint to a third state in the Midwest. Frontier Justice started in 2014 with the first store opening in 2015 in Lee’s Summit, MO. Two short years later, the doors of a second Frontier Justice swung open in Kansas. Now, in 2020, Omaha Gun Club will be under partnership with Frontier Justice, ultimately taking the name and the brand to the great state of Nebraska. Frontier Justice has had a management contract with Omaha Gun Club for more than a year, and it is with great pride the local owners have officially partnered with Frontier Justice to bring the brand fully to the Omaha market.

“We are a multi-generation family in Omaha, and the gun club was our baby. We opened in 2016 with the intentions of bringing something new and great to the community. When we realized how intense and volatile the business can be to manage, given our time constraints with our primary business, we sought Frontier Justice to partner with us. They bring the next level of service and products to our community. Frontier Justice has been able to develop and then boost our club and services, and we knew it was the right thing to do to move forward with an official partnership,” says Robert Buscher, Jr., President, John Roth & Son, Inc. When Mr. Buscher says ‘we’, he includes Robert Buscher, Sr. as well as Jim Mainelli of Mainelli Construction.

The merger is complete and over the next few months the Frontier Justice brand will come to life in Omaha! More varied products and services will be afforded to the market and all three states’ members will get a new practice range they are welcome to use. Expanding offerings is great for members, but none of the locations require membership to enjoy the range or other services offered. Bren Brown, President and Co-Founder of Frontier Justice adds, “Frontier Justice is particularly passionate about reaching women, and whole families. We are beyond excited to add the women and families of Omaha to the Frontier Justice tribe!”

Frontier Justice is the premier firearms destination in the Midwest region. With Missouri, Kansas and now Nebraska locations, Frontier Justice is known as the best indoor range and retailer for both firearms and fashion. They offer a full continuum of products for personal safety-with or without a firearm. Frontier Justice boasts not only a next-generation firearms training facility and exceptional firearms retail space, but also a unique boutique featuring unique boho chic fashion, jewelry and home décor. Frontier Justice believes firmly in faith, family and freedom while promoting safety, education and personal responsibility.