Oct. 16, 2020

We the members of the Missouri General Assembly take any allegation of child abuse very seriously. Abuse of any kind is never acceptable and will be met by a zerotolerance policy by the Legislature.

We believe in forgiveness and the ability of individuals to change, but the honor of serving int he People’s House is a privilege that certain acts preclude.
In light of serious allegations we call on Rick Roeber to withdraw his candidacy of State Representative of House District 34.

State Representative Keri Ingle, LMSW

All Missouri State Senators and Representatives from Jackson County were asked to sign a bi-partisan declaration. The following elected officials signed:
Senator John Rizzo
State Rep Bill Kidd
State Rep Keri Ingle
State Rep Ingrid Burnett
State Rep Crystal Quade
State Rep Greg Razor
State Rep Sheila Solon
State Rep Barbara Washington
State Rep Jerome Barnes
State Rep Jack Bondon
State Rep Ashley Bland Manlove
State Rep Mark Sharp
State Rep Shamed Dogan
State Rep Rory Rowland
State Rep Robert Sauls
State Rep Joe Runions
State Rep Yolanda Young