January 12, 2021

Jackson County Legislative Chairman Dan Tarwater issues the following statement on the audit report of the Jackson County Departmental and Other County Policies and Procedures released by the Office of Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway:

“The Jackson County Legislature, in conjunction with the County Executive, requested an independent audit by the Missouri State Auditor to provide assurance to all County elected officials and citizens of Jackson County that all assets of the County are safeguarded through proper internal controls that fully comply with applicable State and County laws.”

“The Departmental and Other County Policies and Procedures report completes the Countywide audit conducted by the State. The Legislature is profoundly thankful for the hard work performed by the
Missouri State Auditor’s office. We plan to continue, as we have done with the release of each report, to implement the changes necessary to ensure our best policymaking decisions and ensure best practices for the citizens of Jackson County.”