February 16, 2021

For the second straight day, all Jackson County facilities will be closed to the public for County operations on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. These include the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence and all County Parks + Rec facilities. All non-public safety departments and the Offices of the Legislature will continue to work remotely.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Evergy stated that it may need to continue power outages tonight and tomorrow in an effort to conserve the electricity supply during our current severe weather conditions. As a result, the County will continue to do its part to reduce energy consumption and encourages residents to do the same.

The County expects to re-open facilities on Thursday, February 18. The Jackson County Legislature is set to hold its meeting that morning at 10:30 at the downtown courthouse. At the invite of Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr., a representative from Evergy will attend the meeting to provide an update on the electricity supply and emergency power outages.

Residents who need to conduct business with the County are encouraged to go online at www.jacksongov.org. The County continues to monitor this winter weather event and will provide any additional updates on its website and social media platforms.