March 27, 2021

Medicare! Why does it have to be so confusing? I just don’t know what’s the best fit for me.

As a local licensed agent, I hear statements like that all of the time and that’s when I get to step in and help people navigate this process of finding the best fit for you or your loved ones.

When it comes to Medicare and Medicaid many people just ask their friends or neighbors or even a relative what type of Medicare/Medicaid that they have. The problem with that approach is that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. What’s good for your neighbor might not be what’s good for you at all. There may be many options that are actually suited much better for you. As a matter of fact, I speak to many people that aren’t in the best situation with their Medicare and/or Medicaid because that’s exactly what they did, they just asked what their friend had and just went with the same exact thing.

My name is Nick Swearngin and I’m a local licensed agent that deals with Medicare and Medicaid and my company is Navigating Senior Healthcare. I decided to name my company that because I don’t feel like I’m a salesman, I just enjoy helping people through this maze of what would be the best for them personally.

I hear statements like the one above it seems like everywhere I go people are confused about Medicare and Medicaid, so I finally decided to start just helping people navigate through this. As a result I’ve been able to help so many different folks and it’s been very rewarding to know that I can truly have the chance to make a difference in somebody’s life. I enjoy providing the information necessary for them to make these decisions. Whether it’s with me or somebody else, I want to give them all of the information I can and truly help them understand it.

Sometimes a husband needs a different plan than his wife, it’s not even always a one size fits all in the same home.

I decided that a good place for people to ask questions would be right here. I’m going to have a weekly column here and just answer a few questions each week that you all ask me through email or a phone call. I will respond to all of the questions but I will pick a couple each time that I think will be most helpful.

So now is your chance to get those questions answered.

I look forward to your questions and hearing from you.
Nick Swearngin
Licensed Sales Representative