August 7, 2021

Missouri State Representative David Gregory this week announced his campaign to be Missouri’s next State Auditor, stating that Missouri deserves an auditor who will not back down and will relentlessly investigate abuse, fraud, and corruption in state government.

Rep. Gregory made the announcement at the West Central Missouri FOP Lodge where his candidacy was immediately endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police for his support for law and order and his unwavering opposition to defunding the police.

“Missourians have absolutely no tolerance for politicians misusing our money,” Rep. Gregory said. “I am running for state Auditor because we need a tough, loyal conservative who will relentlessly investigate fraud, abuse, and corruption.”

“I’m an investigative attorney and an accountant. I have a track record of rooting out corruption, fraud, and abuse. If corrupt politicians are using your tax dollars to line their friend’s pockets, I’ll expose it. If they’re using your money to harass churches, I’ll fight it. If they’re using your money to indoctrinate your children with divisive critical race theory, or defund our police, I’ll root it out. Missouri needs a strong Auditor with a background in investigations, trained in collecting evidence, tracking down leads, and following the money,” Rep. Gregory said.

The Missouri Fraternal Order of Police announced their support for Rep. Gregory.

“On behalf of over 7,000 police officers across this state, it is my honor and privilege to announce the endorsement of Rep. David Gregory for Auditor on behalf of the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police,” said Joe Patterson, Executive Director for the St. Louis County Police Association. “David is a tireless supporter of police officers during one of the most challenging times in the history of law enforcement. He stands up to politicians who want to defund the police and put Missouri citizens and police officers at risk. David is a proven investigator who has a track record of exposing governmental fraud, waste, and abuse.”

In the state legislature, Rep. Gregory uncovered tens of millions in potential savings for Missouri taxpayers through an audit of the Missouri Department of Revenue. For more than six months, he conducted an in-depth audit including significant data collection from the Missouri Department of Revenue and extensive interviews with its employees to identify potential savings for Missouri taxpayers.

As chairman of the Special Committee on Government Accountability, Rep. Gregory is leading an investigation into price fixing and other anti-competitive practices in the cattle industry. Rep. Gregory’s investigation has resulted in support from leaders in multiple states.

After witnessing a local government use the COVID-19 virus to abuse, bully, and force restrictions on churches, Rep. Gregory filed a pro bono lawsuit challenging the Executive Order imposed by St. Louis County Executive Sam Page. Rep. Gregory hammered the local government over the fact that our First Amendment rights to practice our faith and assemble as a body are fundamental constitutional rights.

A lifelong Missourian, Rep. Gregory lives in the South St. Louis County region with his wife, Paige. He holds a degree in accounting, a Masters of Business Administration and a Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University.

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