May 7, 2022

Theresa Cass Galvin has announced her candidacy to run for the Jackson County Executive seat.

Elected to the County Legislature in 2014, Galvin is currently the Vice Chairman of the Legislature. Her colleagues nominated her for this role for a second time, as well as Chairman in 2019 and 2020 for her proven leadership and passion for people over partisan politics. If elected, Galvin wants to bring this integrity and transparency to Jackson County as a whole.

Theresa Cass Galvin has been a Jackson County resident most of her life. Her four children and five grandchildren all live, work, or attend public schools in Jackson County. After establishing roots here, she went on to work in the construction industry for over three decades. She is well versed in reviewing project budgets and timelines and understands risk assessments for local stakeholders.

Theresa Cass Galvin currently focuses on addressing property assessments, the county’s reckless spending, and providing her expertise to guide projects like establishing a new jail and renovating the current county courthouse versus building a new one. During the pandemic, she stressed that local businesses needed to be given the autonomy to make their own decisions. She was concerned about the overall effects the pandemic would have on the families of Jackson County, not limited to mental health and financial issues. Business owners appreciated her helping them stay open while following guidelines to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their employees and customers. She believes in taking controversial issues to the ballot giving the people a voice, and has fought to protect individual liberty. During her time in the legislature, she has pushed back on unfair property assessments and continued tax increases while calling for overall budget reviews. The County Executive role should strongly focus on the local budget rather than divisive nuances, and Galvin believes the way our tax dollars are being spent needs reevaluated. “I’ve spent the last eight years fighting for our tax dollars, our freedoms, and our history. I want to continue making a difference where I know I can.”