Cass County Collector of Revenue Chris Molendorp has released May 2022, property tax disbursement figures for Cass County’s local political subdivisions.

Molendorp disbursed $803,489.25 to 54 separate local political subdivisions and the State of Missouri.

Cass County’s public-school districts were the largest recipients with total disbursements of $489,021.67. Of those districts, Raymore-Peculiar R-2 received $140,851.30; Belton #124 received $113,560.22; and Harrisonville R-9 received $72,085.48.

The second largest recipients were Cass County’s cities and villages. In total, Molendorp disbursed $84,678.86 in this category with the City of Belton receiving the most at $36,976.22. The City of Raymore received $14,865.97 and the City of Harrisonville was third, receiving $7,570.18.

Cass County’s 14 fire and ambulance districts were the third largest recipients by category at $58,263.68. The South Metropolitan Fire and Ambulance District were the largest recipients in this category, receiving $19,960.13. West Peculiar Fire and Ambulance received $13,799.29 and Pleasant Hill Fire received $7,969.66.

The full disbursement report may be viewed at:

Collector Chris Molendorp may be reached at (816) 380-8377 or