For Immediate Release
Nov. 2, 2022

Consistent with longstanding practice, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office will be on the lookout for voting irregularities on Election Day, November 8, 2022. This election, however, we will also remain fully engaged after polls close, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today. 

The Prosecutor’s Office will monitor irregularities that might include threats or acts of violence towards election administrators and poll workers while carrying out their duties, threats or acts of violence toward a voter with the intent of denying that person the right to vote, knowingly telling a voter false information about voting for the purpose of preventing any person from going to the polls, bribing a voter to either vote for or against a specific candidate or issue and interfering or attempting to interfere with any voter inside a polling place. 

As always, the Prosecutor’s Office will work with local law enforcement to ensure that all qualified voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots and have their votes counted free of intimidation and suppression in the upcoming general election.  After the polls close, our office will be communicating with election officials to monitor any incidents of harassment or doxing of these employees and volunteers. We are grateful for the members of the Kansas City and Jackson County Election Boards and the many volunteers who make this process possible for our democracy.

Baker is instructing anyone who witnesses irregularities at the polls to call the office’s Public Corruption Unit at 816-881-3111. 

We encourage other individuals to use the contacts at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District: Assistant U.S. Attorney Alan Simpson is serving as District Election Officer for the Nov. 8 election. The District Election Officer will be interested in complaints of voting rights concerns, threats of violence to election officials and staff and any fraud.

The U.S. Attorneys District Election Officer can be reached at 816-426-4125. 

In addition, the FBI will have special agents available in each field office and resident agency throughout the country to receive allegations of election fraud and other election abuses on election day. The local FBI field office here can be reached by the public at 816-512-8200.