March 25, 2023

The Missouri Quilt Museum, Hamilton, is happy to announce a donation of 350 antique and vintage quilts to their collection. The quilts are from the personal collection of Lynn and Ralph Miller.

Lynn is a self-described quilt maker, antique quilt collector, student of quilt history and a rescuer of antique/vintage quilts and linens. Her favorites are Redwood Quilts, Mountain Mist, Kit Quilts, Star Quilts and Red, White and Green Quilts. Many of the donated quilts are of these patterns and styles. Some of the quilts date back to pre-civil war years.

Dakota Redford, curator of the Missouri Quilt Museum, says that the donation came about through another one of those “divine interventions” that has served to make the museum so popular. “This donation is the result of a casual comment to a freelance writer who was visiting Hamilton working on a different story, who in turn mentioned the museum to a photographer who then visited the museum and then a photo and mention of the museum appeared in a national magazine and the Millers happened to read the article and decided to learn more about the museum. And they liked what they learned!!”

“We are thrilled to be working with the Millers to make these quilts available for public viewing,” Redford said.

Information about the museum and the donation can be found on the museum’s website at

The Missouri Quilt Museum is located at 300 East Bird Street in Hamilton. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday. General admission is $12, military and seniors are $10. Group rate is $8 per person for 20 or more.