May 6, 2023

A filibuster has stalled the passage of House Bill 909, legislation that would give communities a more meaningful voice in the development of new landfills on their border. The filibuster was led by Sen. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-District 22), who represents part of Jefferson County, a district 240 miles away from a proposed landfill site in south Kansas City. For hours, Sen. Coleman read landfill reports, and spoke about maple syrup and her love of Dr. Pepper.

“What we witnessed today were tone deaf theatrics from a politician with no empathy or understanding of the very real threats facing communities like ours,” said Mayor Kris Turnbow, who has led efforts to oppose a new landfill on Raymore’s border. “Countless people in our community, including me, listened to today’s debate appalled at the disregard for their health and well-being.”

The filibuster lasted hours, and some senators attempted to tack on amendments to the legislation. Sen. Rick Brattin (R-District 31), who sponsored HB 909’s companion legislation, Senate Bill 590, voiced frustration with senators from other parts of the state who stood in opposition to the bill. Sen. Brattin asked to lay the bill over to end the filibuster, placing HB 909 on the informal calendar.

“I’m protecting the property rights of almost 50,000 people that I represent and that the senator from the eighth district represents,” Sen. Brattin said. “This bill is protecting their investments and their livelihoods.”

Brattin added that the fight is not over.

“We will be victorious, and I want to let the people know, the hundreds and hundreds of people listening in to this filibuster, to know that our work isn’t finished,” Sen. Brattin said.

“Our city, along with state senators and representatives and other key stakeholders, are fighting tirelessly to get this bill to a vote,” Turnbow said.

The bill has been added as an amendment to three other bills that are still active. It is clear that a majority of the Senate is in support of the bill that would give municipalities more local control in the development of new landfills near their border.

The following neighboring cities, school districts and organizations stand in solidarity in their opposition to the proposed landfill: City of Raymore, City of Lee’s Summit, City of Grandview, City of Belton, City of Peculiar, City of Lake Winnebago, Cass County, Jackson County, Lee’s Summit School District, Grandview School District, Raymore-Peculiar School District, Belton School District, South Metropolitan Fire Protection District, Raymore, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Belton, South KC, Harrisonville Chambers of Commerce; Cass County Coalition of Chambers, Lake Winnebago HOA, Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council, Raymore Parks & Recreation Board, Creekmoor Property Owners Association & Cooper Land Development, and Missouri Municipal League (MML)

US Representatives Mark Alford and Emanuel Cleaver have also issued statements in opposition to the landfill. In addition, tens of thousands of citizens have mounted a grassroots effort to voice their opposition. Turnbow and the city also express appreciation for the outpouring of support and the steadfast determination of the community, elected representatives and local senators, including Sen. Brattin, Sen. Mike Cierpiot (R-District 8) and Sen. Greg Razer (D-District 7).

You can follow updates at and on the City of Raymore’s Facebook and Twitter accounts @CityofRaymoreMO.