Kansas City, MO – [May 13, 2024]  – In a significant move to bolster support for veterans, the Jackson County Legislature passed Resolution 21616, which supports the creation of Missouri’s first County Office of Veterans Affairs. Vice Chair Megan Marshall, a 20-year Marine veteran, sponsored and introduced the legislation last week.

This new office will assist veterans with accessing their benefits and connecting to critical social services, addressing issues such as homelessness, mental health challenges, and drug addiction.

“Passing Resolution 21616 is a significant step towards providing our veterans with the resources they deserve,” Marshall stated. “Our veterans have sacrificed immensely, and it is our responsibility to ensure they have access to the support they need to reintegrate successfully into civilian life.”

During Monday’s meeting, the Legislature also allocated $15,000 to the National World War I Museum to provide free admission for veterans and half-price admission for the general public during key holiday weekends. This initiative aims to honor veterans’ service and promote community engagement with our nation’s history.

Legislator Manny Abarca was the only legislator who voted against the museum funding. 

“These resolutions reflect our commitment to honoring and supporting our veterans in tangible ways,” added Marshall. “Through both immediate and long-term support, we aim to enhance the well-being of our veterans and acknowledge their profound contributions to our nation.”

The establishment of the Jackson County Office of Veterans Affairs is contingent on the approval of the necessary funding. This office will be instrumental in transforming the support structure for veterans in Missouri, ensuring they receive the recognition and assistance they rightly deserve.

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