E-mail Was Sent to Mayor Rhoads, Mayor Pro Tempore Binney, City Council and City Clerk’s Office On Wednesday

In response to public accusations being made by Councilmember Forte regarding the communications and motive behind her removal as Liaison to the Parks Commission; Councilmember Chris Moreno released a statement outlining the matter along with an e-mail sent this past Wednesday leading up to the City Council meeting.

“As a City Councilmember, my job is not to protect no bid schemes by elected officials and city hall insiders. It is to protect the taxpayers of Lee’s Summit, and our amazing city. If doing the right thing hurts the feelings of those involved, or their friends, that is ok. Through the school district saga, we have seen what happens when elected officials fail to act after being presented with very clear facts. This past week we were provided documents and a memo by the City Attorney. While I will not elaborate further on the details, I can say from what we know so far this issue has transpired for over a year. Councilmember Forte knows this, and as an elected official she is fully aware of her actions.”


– June 16th, at City Council, I requested during Council that Mayor Pro Tem Binney strongly reconsider his Liaison appointments, after hearing rumors tied to Councilmember Forte. I also objected to the list because it failed to include Alternates and Vice-Chairs required under City Charter and Ordinance.

– After the meeting, I privately told Mayor Pro Tem Binney that rumors were circling that Councilmember Forte serving on Budget & Finance, and as Liaison to the Parks Commission could be an issue.

– June 17th, the entire council received an e-mail from City Attorney Brian Head. The e-mail included documents and a memo that was marked Attorney-Client privilege in response to multiple open records requests by members of the press since May of this year regarding Councilmember Forte and her business.

– Wednesday 6/22, at 3:19 PM, after not receiving any recommended changes from the Mayor Pro Tem, I sent an e-mail (below) to Mayor Pro Tem Binney, Mayor Randy Rhoads, the City Council and City Clerk’s office in compliance with Sunshine Laws. I requested that Councilmember Forte be prevented from attending the Parks Commission meeting due to documents received regarding no-bid contracts. I requested that Mayor Pro Tem Binney amend his Liaison appointment to the Parks Commission. I also requested that Mayor Rhoads remove the Mayor Pro Tempore appointments from the Consent Agenda, formally notifying him that consent does not exist and that this appointment would be challenged.

– June 23rd, as of the start of City Council, I had received no reply from Mayor Pro Tempore Binney regarding my request. Mayor Rhoads confirmed the item was to be removed from the Consent Agenda.

Mayor Rhoads and Mayor Pro Tempore Binney-

Given the information that has been provided regarding the no bid contracts with Councilmember Forte, her company, this city (via Parks Department), and the failed procurement process that transpired, I am formally requesting that CM Forte not attend tonight’s Parks Commission meeting, and that Mayor Pro Tem Binney amend his Liaision appointment to the Parks Commission that places another member of this council in this role.

I am also requesting the Mayor take the appointments off of the consent agenda and place them into regular business for this issue to be discussed and amended on Thursday.

In the wake of the school district debacle, I cannot stress how important it is that we take every step necessary to avoid such a mess with our city.

I strongly urge staff to comply and immediately come forward with all documents involved in these transactions to anyone that requests them.

Chris Moreno | Councilmember, District 4