Current funding is not keeping pace with the City of Lake Lotawana’s essential infrastructure maintenance and other basic public service needs. On August 2, voters will have the opportunity to provide more funding for public services with a proposed increase of the current Transportation Sales Tax and the Capital Improvements Sales Tax Funds from 1/8th cent to 1/2 cent. The August 2 ballot will also ask voters about continuing the existing Out-of-State Vehicle Sales Tax to maintain revenue for the City of Lake Lotawana budget.

“Overall, our public streets need approximately $390,000 in immediate repairs. The current Transportation Sales Tax only generates about $30,900 a year in funding. This is a perfect example of how the City’s funding is not keeping up with the infrastructure maintenance needs for our community,” says Lake Lotawana Mayor Scott Miles.

With voter approval, the proposed sales tax for Lake Lotawana will be 7.475 percent, and will remain lower than surrounding communities, including Pleasant Hill, (9.225 percent), Blue Springs (8.975 percent), Grain Valley (8.475 percent), Independence (7.725 percent), and Lee’s Summit (7.725 percent).

Unlike property taxes, which are paid only by Lake Lotawana property owners, sales tax is also paid by non-residents through purchases (from a can of soda to building materials) within the city limit.

There are three questions on the August 2 City of Lake Lotawana ballot. This week we will be exploring information about Ballot Question 1, the Transportation Sales Tax Funding:
QUESTION 1 Transportation Sales Tax Funding

Well-maintained streets support Lake Lotawana residents’ quality of life by providing overall safety for residents, good access for public safety vehicles, smooth surfaces for all vehicles, and reduced wear and tear on vehicles. Good streets also help maintain overall property values for the community. The City of Lake Lotawana is responsible for maintaining 12 miles of public streets that provide access to the community.

Earlier this year, the City’s engineering firm identified public street maintenance needs with an estimated cost of approximately $390,000. In addition, $112,000 each year is required to maintain Lake Lotawana’s public streets once the short-term repairs are completed. The current revenue from the Transportation Sales Tax is approximately $30,900 per year.

“We want to avoid having to rebuild our streets by conducting regular maintenance,” says Mayor Scott Miles. “It’s important for residents to know that we can pay for street maintenance now, or we will all pay much more later.” Street maintenance costs can average about $183,040 per mile, compared to $2,816,000 per mile to rebuild streets.*
*based on mill and overlay maintenance/reconstruction of 28 ft. street with curbs. / source: Larkin Lamp Rynearson

The City of Lake Lotawana is inviting residents to an Open House about the ballot questions on Monday, July 25 at Lake Lotawana City Hall, 100 Lake Lotawana Drive. Residents may drop in anytime between 7 and 8:30 p.m.

More information about all three ballot questions is available at, or by calling Lake Lotawana City Hall, 816-578-4215

Yes Vote
Not a New Tax or Tax Increase
Renews Existing Vehicle Sales Tax on Out-of-State Purchases
Continues to Provide Vital City Services
Maintains Level Playing Field for Local Businesses

No Vote
City Sales Tax Only Collected on In-State Purchases
City Services Cut $12,000 Each Year Due to Loss in Revenue
Creates Advantage to Out-of-State Businesses