ProfessionalChats, the world’s leading professionally managed website chat service has experienced incredible growth over 2017. They have hired almost 50 employees, moved into a new building, and grew revenue by over 500%. The company also developed and introduced new software, a new onboarding process for clients, and a new training process that provides a superior level of customer service. Scalable process design and deliberate implementation have supported the company’s growth.

At the beginning of 2017, ProfessionalChats was in the second-floor corner office of Hansen Orthodontic Specialists in downtown Lee’s Summit. The company had 6 employees and primarily focused on chat for orthodontic practices with their OrthoChats brand. The company has now grown to nearly sixty employees, and occupies a 7500-square foot office. The 50 + new team members represent mostly additional chat specialists; however, the business has built an impressive infrastructure of top talent for finance, sales, and marketing.

“The best thing about our growth throughout this year has been the ability to pour into our new team members lives and give them career advancements they didn’t think possible,” said Trevor Flannigan, COO of ProfessionalChats. “We have former chat specialists that have been promoted to managers. They came into a startup company not knowing if the company would still be around even a week after they were hired but are now in charge of important aspects of daily business.”

ProfessionalChats operates multiple brands – OrthoChats for orthodontists, HomeServiceChats for residential plumbing, HVAC, and roofing professionals, DentistChats for dentists, HearingChats for audiologists, and ChiroChats for chiropractors. Each brand is designed to have industry trained chat specialists able to engage website visitors, provide more website leads, a better brand experience, and radical convenience for existing customers. Small businesses (under $50M) have not been able to provide professional quality online chat service 24/7 until now.

“The engagement landscape is changing and consumer communication preference is moving toward texting and online chat,” said Scott Hansen, CEO and founder. “We allow small businesses with high customer value to play in the same league as multi-billion dollar businesses in the digital communication arena.”

ProfessionalChats is excited about the continued growth and plans to more than triple its workforce again in 2018.

ProfessionalChats is a technology enabled website chat service that aims to be the industry leader in digital communication and engagement in multiple verticals. Currently ProfessionalChats is the parent company to OrthoChats, DentistChats, HomeServiceChats, HearingChats, and ChiroChats. Each chat specialist is trained specifically for the industry for which they chat for and has a robust profile specific to each company, so they are able to chat as if they are in the same building as the rest of the that specific company’s staff. Each lead is also warm transferred immediately which further builds value for the consumer experience. ProfessionalChats now represents over 500 clients in 7 different countries.