I am a retired, 27-year resident of Lee’s Summit. During my career, I worked in finance, banking and real estate.

My experience includes serving in management positions and in senior executive management, including CEO, for more than 25 years. I have been active in community organizations and have served on seven boards of directors including regarding businesses, city groups and civic organizations. I am a strong believer in economic development and progress community wide.

My primary goals that I feel the city should pursue at the present time include: 1. fair wages for all city workers and to maintain an efficient and stable work force 2. to maintain city services at a high level, a new long term and sensible waste management plan similar to Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark where they burn trash with zero emissions and create energy for the city from the burning process. Also, a stronger recycling program is needed as well as a renewable energy program. No more landfills, toxic gases and seepage of toxic materials into streams.

The contrast between my opponent Diane Forte and me is as different as night and day. Her background is filled with family business disruptions and animosity and she is no longer in the 50-year old family business. Instead, she created a new business and used her position on city council to get no bid contracts with the Parks department and other entities and used her position to benefit financially. The Missouri Ethics Commission found that she had violated Missouri conflict of interest law. Is this the type of leadership that Lee’s Summit should have making decisions for the city?

The city needs leadership with proven success and a very high level of experience and understanding in the world of economics. The ability to work with other people to reach common goals is also vital. Your vote on April 3rd will be appreciated. I won’t let you down.