“In Missouri, every 2.15 days on an average a young person (ages 10 – 24) is lost to suicide”

• Many times, suicide is the result of an undiagnosed, undertreated or untreated mental illness such as depression. Mental illness can be treated.

• Any situation can get better with help. Friends, family, pastors, and educators can be great sources to find help.

• You may not think it at times, but there are people who care! Search them out. Ask for help.

• Suicide, as they say, is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Although you may not think the problems are temporary at the time, they are. Ask others for help and give yourself the time to find those who want to help.

For help for yourself or a friend call the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255

Another great resource for youth suicide prevention is The Jason Foundation. All programs and materials are offered at no-cost to those with whom they contract. Since 1997, The Jason Foundation has never charged a school, community, or individual for the use of any of their programs. To find more about the programs offered or where the closest Jason Foundation Affiliate Office is located, visit their website. www.jasonfoundation.com