Governor Parson Calls for a Fresh Start in Address to the Missouri General Assembly

As the legislative special session came to a close, the Missouri House and Senate convened for a joint session in the House Chamber to listen to an address from Gov. Mike Parson. The new governor, who was sworn into office Friday, June 1, delivered an address to lawmakers that focused on the importance of public service and the need to work together to create a better Missouri.
As the governor said in his remarks, “We have witnessed politics at its worst and at its best. We have been divided, and we have been united. Missouri has risen to the occasion, as we always do.

Representative Gary L. Cross

Today is a time for a fresh start for our state and to recommit ourselves — we must work together for a better Missouri!”

During his remarks, Parson also stressed that his focus in office will be on serving the people of the state. “As we move forward, together, I pledge that I will spend every day working to make our state stronger and more prosperous,” said Parson. “I promise that the welfare of the people will be my guiding principle and sole consideration. And I will never forget – never forget – that public service is—first and foremost— about serving Missourians.”

Parson also used his address to praise lawmakers for the “care, prudence, and professionalism” they showed as they worked to seek the truth and do what is right for Missouri. In addition, he made time to recognize the members of the General Assembly for the incredibly productive regular session that saw them approve the majority of their legislative priorities.

As Gov. Parson said in his speech, “Not long ago you completed one of the most historic legislative sessions in recent memory. Not enough has been said about it. Your many legislative achievements include significant tax reform for Missourians, record education funding for our students, government union reform, a responsible, balanced budget, and many other reforms that made government smaller, more efficient, and more effective for Missourians.”

Shortly after the governor completed his address, House Speaker Richardson issued a statement saying he looked forward to working with Gov. Parson in the months ahead. Richardson added, “I am especially pleased that Governor Parson acknowledged the recent historic legislative session and the substantive conservative policies the General Assembly passed. I am confident the governor’s proven conservative track record means he will remain a strong advocate of views Missourians overwhelmingly voted for in 2016 for us to fight for in Jefferson City.”
With the special session now concluded, members of the House and Senate are next scheduled to convene for the annual Veto Session on Sept. 12.

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