Mallory Herrmann

The Lee’s Summit City Council has paved the way for two businesses to be granted property tax abatements as part of Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority (LCRA) economic development incentives. MAR Building Solutions and Kevin Higdon Construction both requested property tax abatement that exceeded the standard 50 percent threshold granted by LCRA incentives.

The incentives are based on a scoring of applications through the city’s LCRA commission. Each applicant received points for being located in an urban renewal district and for sustainability, for initiatives such as using solar energy or LED lighting,

Both applicants are seeking new facilities on land near SE Hamblen and Bailey Roads. MAR Building Solutions, who plans to expand their operations with a new facility, is seeking five years’ property tax abatement at 100 percent. Kevin Higdon Construction has requested ten years’ property tax abatement at 100 percent.

MAR Building Solutions is currently located in Lee’s Summit. They have explored expansion opportunities in neighboring communities, including Lone Jack and Grandview, but hope to stay in Lee’s Summit. They expect to retain the six jobs they currently provide and to add six additional positions.

Kevin Higdon Construction would also bring jobs to Lee’s Summit, both new positions and retained positions for the business, with a new office warehouse space.

“If you can help us with some tax relief,” Higdon said, “we’re going to give you a nice building and gonna give you some good jobs in the city.”

Mark Dunning, assistant city manager, emphasized that approval of these ordinances is the first of many steps in the applicants’ development and abatement plans. Each applicant will be required to submit a preliminary development plan, subject to the council’s approval, and a final authorization of the abatement based on true numbers.

The ordinances allowing for the requested abatements were approved unanimously by council at their September 6 meeting. All councilmembers were present.