By Geoff Gerling,
Executive Director Jackson County Democrats

At a recent meeting of the Jackson County Democratic Committee, the state’s largest elected political committee, we evaluated the merit and need of the proposed changes to the Jackson County Charter on the November ballot. After a spirited discussion, the committee clearly voted to endorse a NO vote on all seven county charter questions. While some parts of the proposals are potentially positive changes, the committee has significant reservations many of the measures and the process by which there were presented to the voters.

Chairman Paul Wrabec made the following statement in the form of an official Resolution from the committee:

Whereas the Jackson County Charter revisions proposed as Questions 1-7 on the November 6th General Election ballot are deliberately confusing, ambiguous, and composed for the benefit of a few elected officials to the detriment of the welfare of the general citizenry;

Whereas the Jackson County Charter revisions proposed do not carry mandatory fiscal notes;

Whereas the proposed Jackson County Charter revisions did not involve sufficient public participation;

Whereas the next Jackson County Review Commission should begin its work as unencumbered as possible;

Be it resolved that the Jackson County Democratic Committee opposes Jackson County Questions 1-7 as they are presented on the November 6th, 2018 General Election ballot.

We look forward to the regular review process beginning in 2019 and stand by to promote public participation however we can. At a time when faith and trust in government is historically low, relying on regular order and transparency seems especially important.