By Mallory Herrmann

A complaint has been filed against the Lee’s Summit Chamber by Roberta Gough, a resident of Lee’s Summit. The complaint states that the Lee’s Summit Chamber published a political advertisement supporting State Proposition D, a proposed 58.8% increase in state motor fuel tax, without identifying who paid for the political advertisement.

Missouri statute RSMo 130 requires that any political advertisement for or against any ballot measure must contain a “Paid For” statement disclosing who paid for the advertisement.

The Chamber’s publication of candidate profiles for State Representatives candidates for the November 6 election also contained a full page color political advertisement urging the reader to “Vote YES on Prop D.” The Chamber’s political advertisement further states: “It is imperative that voters educate themselves and vote YES on Prop D.”

This publication violated Missouri statutes by failing to inform the public who paid for the political advertisement.