Randy Walker will have a book signing for his book A House Divided on Monday evening, November 26, from 6:00-7:30 pm inside LS Scrapbook Boutique in downtown Lee’s Summit.  This is the 2nd book in The Generations series, which are historical fiction novels based on his ancestors.

Randy is a local Lee’s Summit resident who grew up in Lee’s Summit and graduated from Lee’s Summit High School.  He owns two small businesses in Lee’s Summit.  LS Scrapbook Boutique and This & That Custom Framing are located together in downtown Lee’s Summit at 3rd and Douglas.

The first three books in the series covers the saga of the Cannon family during the Civil War.  The family lived in northeast Tennessee and were Union supporters.  After Tennessee succeeded from the Union and joined the Confederacy, they were considered traitors.  Three of the brothers joined the Union army to help put down the rebellion , one of which was Randy’s 3rd great grandfather.  Randy has researched his family for more than twenty years and discovered many stories of the family’s hardships.  During his research, Randy discovered a life history of one of the brothers who served during the Civil War.  In his life history, he included details and stories of the family during the war.  Each book in the series will cover one of the brothers and the trials they went through before and during the war.

Book one, Have I a Friend Near? covers the life of Elbert Cannon.  As tensions rose between Union supporters and Confederate supporters, the Cannon brothers began having confrontations with the Templeton brothers.  The confrontations became personal between Elbert and Jake Templeton.  It was more than just the war, it was also about a girl.  After the war began, Elbert was anxious to join the war.  He hated the Confederates and blamed them for tearing the country he loved apart.  He soon discovered the real enemy was not the Confederates, but something entirely different.

Book two, A House Divided, is being released November 26.  This book will cover Randy’s 3rd great grandfather, Tom Cannon.  Tom’s wife’s family were Confederate supporters, but Tom’s family were Union supporters.  One of his wife’s brothers joined the Confederate army when the war started.  How could Tom take up arms against his in-laws?  Would he be allowed to stay out of the war, or would he be forced to pick sides?  Either way, his house would be divided.

Book three, Lincolnite, is scheduled to be released in 2019.  It will cover the final brother who served during the Civil War, William Cannon.  William was arrested twice and charged with being a “Lincolnite.”  After his second arrest, he served 30-days in prison.  When he was released, he joined the Union army and saw several hard fought battles before being mustered out at the close of the war.  Although the war was hard, it was an event after the war that would forever shape his life.

Randy Walker can be contacted via phone at 816.716.2816 or by email at rcwalker64@gmail.com.  His book will be sold at LS Scrapbook Boutique after the book signing.  LS Scrapbook Boutique’s hours are:  Monday through Friday 10 – 5, and Saturday 10 – 4. They are closed on Sunday.  You can view the websites for his stores at LSScrapbookBoutique.com or Thisandthatframing.com.