May 10, 2019

Losing a mother can be an unbelievably painful thing for people at any age. Supporting those through loss can be difficult but being there for those who lost their mothers is an important part of people healing through their grief journey.

Melissa Ruth Licensed Funeral Director, Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery

On Mother’s Day or any other significant holiday, offer to go with your friend to lay flowers on their mother’s grave. Visiting a cemetery is seldom easy to do alone and your company may make a painful visit a little less difficult. If you were close to your friend’s mother, you may wish to bring flowers yourself to honor them in your own special way.

Offer to attend grief meetings if that is the route your friend wishes to go. For many, the loss of a mother is especially painful and seeking the help of professionals and caregivers is the most productive way for someone to work through their grief. Grief meetings can be daunting to do alone so offering your time and company may make the task a little easier.

Consider hosting a Mother’s Day brunch and inviting your friend over. This event can be made into a personal memorial by the simple addition of another place at the table for the mom who passed away. Even in death, mothers never lose their place at the table and honoring that treasured space may make your friend less alone in their grief.

Mother’s Day can be difficult to deal with after the loss of a mother or grandmother. At times, grief can feel isolating but supporting those who lost their mother is an important task in empathy and understanding that can make a difficult loss a little less painful.

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