May 18, 2019

Grief can be all-consuming. Following the loss of a loved one, you may find it challenging to focus on everyday activities, or to invest meaning into the things that once brought you purpose or pleasure.

Melissa Ruth Licensed Funeral Director, Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery

This can extend even to such seemingly mundane tasks as sleeping, eating, and exercising—all of which can be thrown into chaos by feelings of grief.

Yet, as you mourn, it becomes more important than ever that you take care of yourself. Grief takes a massive emotional toll, and the only way to withstand it is to keep both your body and your mind in prime shape.

That means allowing yourself eight hours of sleep each night. Sleeplessness is a common symptom of grief, but there are simple steps you can take to maximize your odds of drifting off: Take a warm, soothing bath before bed. Make sure your room is totally dark and cool, and that your pillows and blankets are comfortable. Eliminate the presence of electronic devices.

Eating is another concern. Many who are grieving will go long stretches where they simply forget to eat, so make it a point to get your three meals a day. Keep healthy but convenient foods in the house, like salad fixings you can throw together in just a moment’s time. Also, eliminate junk food from your home; instead, try to keep fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other healthy things to snack on.

Finally, try to get some physical activity each day, even if that’s just a walk through your neighborhood. The combination of sunshine and physical activity can give you a natural endorphin rush— a powerful way to stay strong even during a tough season of bereavement.

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