July 20, 2019

Autumn Leaves of Lee’s Summit, MO: The facility failed to provide protective oversight and supervision for one resident with a history of elopements and exit-seeking behavior, when staff failed to implement interventions to prevent elopements. This resulted in the resident eloping from the facility for a second time. The resident was found two blocks from the facility near a heavily traveled four lane road.

Maple Wood Healthcare Center, Kansas City, MO: A complaint investigation was completed. The facility staff failed to follow their policy when staff did not identify and respond to a change in condition for one resident, and did not notify the physician of the resident status changed. The resident expired.

Sunshine Acres Residential Care, Bourbon, MO: The facility failed to ensure no section of the building presented a fire hazard.

Stoney Ridge Village, Sedalia, MO: The facility failed to maintain the fire sprinkler system and failed to notify the department and start a fire watch when the sprinkler system went out of service.

Family Partners Home, LLC, St. Louis, MO: The facility failed to provide protective oversight for three residents from the aggressive behaviors of a resident. The facility did not develop and implement interventions to address the resident’s aggressive behaviors. Facility staff was not trained on how to address the resident’s physical aggressive behaviors.