April 25, 2020

To Greenwood Antique shops,
Antique Shops will be allowed to continue to operate if complying with the following guidelines. These guidelines are with the understanding there are no more than 2 people working in the antique shop as we discussed: they are able to maintain minimum basic operations which includes, maintaining the value of inventory and infrastructure, providing security, processing payroll or employee benefits, and processing online orders and deliveries. The general public is not allowed in the building, social distancing of at least 6 feet apart and utilizing PPE by wearing masks and gloves. They are able to process online orders only to be delivered to the customer via courier or curbside. I cannot stress enough; the general public is not to be allowed to physically enter the shop for any reason.

To Greenwood,
Now is our time to shine and show support to our business owners who risked everything to build their dreams. I’m asking everyone to shop at our local businesses and promote them during and after these uncertain times.

As everyone has heard Rehope will be shutting their doors this Saturday because of downturn due to Covid but I believe we as a community can help to change that. They have something for everyone to eat and drink so, please show them the support they need so they don’t have to shut their doors.

ReHope Market & Cafe
The Porch Swing Boutique
Greenwood Mercantile
Greenwood Vintage Market
Big Creek Antique, Vintage & Decor
As Time Goes By in Greenwood
Wound For Sound
Greenwood Country Tearoom
Greenwood Auto Plaza