October 17, 2020

Ignite Medical Resorts brings its unique model of uncompromising luxury and rapid rehabilitation to Blue Springs with the opening of a facility October 9.

The company, which specializes in short-term rehabilitation and nursing care, offers varied clinical specialty programs and enhanced services in a five-star medical resort environment. Its dedicated team of in-house therapists uses the latest technology to create customized rehab plans, helping people get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

“We provide rapid recovery in parallel with an enhanced culture of hospitality and comfort,” said Dylan Rogers, general manager of Ignite Medical Resorts Blue Springs. “We look forward to revitalizing the image of skilled nursing care with this never-before-seen approach.”

As part of its work to extinguish the stereotype of skilled nursing facilities, Ignite offers state-of-the-art amenities in an ultra-comfortable environment.

Guests enjoy on-site dialysis and a day spa, salon, restaurant and Luxe Café serving Starbucks coffee, as well as concierge services and access to an in-house chef. All private rooms are equipped with in-wall oxygen and a mini fridge, recliner, 50-inch HDTV and hospitality tablet for 24/7 room service.

Tim Fields, CEO and co-founder of Ignite Medical Resorts, said the company is excited to bring the first and only medical resort to Blue Springs. The organization’s environment of relaxation and recuperation is just one way it helps residents quickly get their spark back and return home to their loved ones, he said.

“Our unique approach helps people feel more like guests in a high-end hotel than patients in a medical facility. But, above all, providing superior orthopedic, cardiac, respiratory and stroke rehab care is our top priority,” Fields said. “This expansion to Blue Springs is an exciting step, one we hope will make a big difference in improving each guest’s short- and long-term quality of life.”

The Blue Springs expansion is located at 20511 E. Trinity Place Blue Springs Missouri 64015 and can be contacted by calling (816) 738-5955.

Two additional facilities operate in Kansas City: Ignite Medical Resorts Northland and Ignite Medical Resorts UKH. All three locations are accepting new patients.